About US

Our company is small in volume production and to her only drawback, and you will see that maybe not ... on the contrary  whe have years of professional and very positive experience in processing fruits. Dugi many years, since 1985 (worked and learned his trade in elite manufacturing exporting firms) we are dealing with fruit processing for domestic and foreign markets and qualitative reception i.e selecting our indigenous varieties. Confirmed during the three decades that we do that it is of great importance for the final product, such as brandy, as well as the mode, where the reserve of positive experiences and knowledge of our tradition.


Our production is characterized by a limited amount, which shows that the basic character of the natural product, which means that fruit brandy produced exclusively from fruit. Our small workshop located in Smederevo, in order to be as close to the orchards Serbia indigenous varieties of fruit (a lot of orchards are located at an altitude between 500 and 850 m). Aging and nurturing spirits after distillation / baking is one of the main priorities of the production process.


Packaging brandy receive special attention. Art workshop was necessary for the processing of glass, wood and stainless steel containers. Artistic sandblasting (swimming glass) to depict motifs, ornaments and a variety of other applications, as well as our national letter (font Nikoljsko, Miroslav, written in calligraphy). Artistic blasting on order of company logo and preferred labels. This manual work in the workshop of upgrading the value nurtured brandy and raise the reputation and dignity of the Serbian products. These spirits abroad called noble brandies.


Respecting all the technological requirements of fruit, as well as nurturing the final product, the market is coming up with at least 3-4 years of aging.

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